The Eggcentrics

The Eggcentric clan live in the small village of Hatchery.
This a busy village with many varied characters, up to all sorts of shenanigans, not unlike the ones we meet in our daily lives,
all of them are a bit quirky and new ones are hatching all the time.
Let me briefly introduce you to some that feature on my products….. see if you can spot anyone familiar?


More tales to come…..

Egg Head

Brainy   Clever  Intelligent

Brain box! Super intelligent, always comes first in the class


Cool     Trendy      Stylish

Sophisticated and glamorous , quite the trend setter.


1st Class   The Best    Superb

Top of the class, an all rounder in very way and good fun too.

Cock Crow

Chatty   Noisy    Gregarious

First up with lots to say and an opinion on everything


Curious   Quirky   Unusual

Funky dresser, unconventional but totally lovable.


Precise     Neat      Tidy

Accurate in everything, up to date on all the news, reads the Irish Times.


Curious   Interested   Inquisitive

Notices everything and always seeking facts…maybe even a little nosey!


Vivacious     Energetic   Fun

So full of life, buzzing with energy and plans, never a dull moment.


Organised     Clever    Methodical

Ambitious and very motivated, likes to play chess and quite likes rugby too.


Lively    Outgoing   Boisterous

Whoa!!  Out there, definitely not shy, loves the limelight and drama, always ready for action.


Sporty       Energetic      Fit

Always wears trainers, keeps a record of their steps and a big fan of Ireland’s fittest family.


Diligent   Busy   Responsible

Dots all the i’s and crosses all the t’s, loves to get the job done, super efficient.


Hopeful   Eager   Anticipating

Positive and full of joy, loves yoga and planning holidays and days out.


Glamorous Unique Mysterious

Full of intrigue, one of a kind with an air of mystery and charm.


Naughty    Playful    Bold

Loves a bit of fun and having a good giggle, always speaks her mind


Curious    Amazing   Unusual 

Quite brilliant! fantastically talented though charmingly modest.

Hen Peck

Bossy  Strict  Persistent

Lots and lots to say, nothing held back but all with a big heart.


Wild   Free  HighSpirited

Well if there’s fun to be had then I’m ready, watch out……here I come!


Funky     Fascinating     Groovy

Other worldly, such a day dreamer caught up in imaginative pursuits.


Wizard   Masterful   Genius

A walking Google, font of knowledge on everything and anything …..   just ask.


Chilled   Leisurely   Passé

Never rushed, very chilled,

easy, gentle company.



Roguish Rascal Cheeky

Watch out there’s mischief about, all will be revealed



Fabulous Regal Precious

Ever so stylish and on trend, pristine, never a hair out of place.

Chick Pee

Silly    Dramatic  Untidy

A bit of a ‘giddy goat’, impulsive, changeable but always lovable.



Clumsy  Messy   Forgetful

Always in a rush and a muddle, a bit scatty with detail yet sees things through to completion


Generous    Kind    Lavish

Larger than life character with a huge heart, goes the extra mile in every way.

Good Egg

Positive  Honest  Decent

Salt of the earth, sees the good in everyone and everything, utterly reliable and kind


Cool Flambuoyant Merry

Loves a party, full of fun, entertaining and playful. Never a dull moment when around.


Marvellous Rare  Super

Impressive, fantastic, superior even prodigious, oh the places they will go!


Industrious  Tireless  Busy

Loves holidays and weekends to chill and recharge their battery from a very active life.